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Engineered Drawings


Roadway Design


TCEQ Compliance

Water Management

Waste Water Mgt.

Storm Water Mgt.

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Engineered Drawings:

    • Cadastral surveys
    • Boundary and public lands
    • Construction survey and layout
    • Subdivision surveys and plots
    • Title surveys
    • Design surveys
    • Construction Stakeouts
    • Topographic surveys
    • Boundary line surveys
    • Ground control for aerial surveys
    • Computer services
    • Hydrographic surveys


    • Flood plain determinations
    • Parcel rectifications
    • Route analysis
    • Site selection
    • Infrastructure inventories
    • Economic analysis
    • Right-of-Way acquisition

Roadway Design:

    • Cost analysis
    • P.E.R.
    • Roadway alignment and R.O.W. Acquisition
    • Subsurface investigation
    • Load analysis
    • Paving design
    • Storm water conveyance
    • Traffic control plans
    • Construction phasing
    • Signal and system design


    • Design new concrete, steel, timber, and masonry structures
    • Evaluation and repair design of existing structures including:
      • Reinforcing design to increase structural load
      • Repair design to address damage including deformation, cracks, settlement, construction damage, and shrinkage
      • Repair/Reinforcement of failed foundations
      • Repair of construction errors and/or accommodate project alterations
      • Review and repair of deteriorated concrete, steel, timber, and masonry
      • Evaluation of non-standard or detailed structures
      • Evaluation and repair design of “pre-code” structures
      • Repair and strengthen design of concrete using Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP)

TCEQ Compliance:

    • Buffer zone and sanitary sewer control easement acquisition, recording documents, and exception requests
    • Wastewater discharge permits, renewals, and amendments
    • Compliance issues (notice of violations)
    • CCN boundary creation and amendments
    • Corrosion control studies
    • Noise and odor control abatement.

Water Management:

    • Planning, permitting, design, and construction management of all phases for all types of water systems
    • Water distribution systems
    • Ground water wells
    • Ground and elevated storage
    • Distribution pumping stations
    • Surface water treatment
    • Water system modeling and analysis
    • Route and facility site analysis
    • Regional water system planning
    • Preparation of as-built plans
    • Engineering evaluation reports
    • Pollution hazard surveys
    • Plant renovations
    • Capacity analysis studies

Waste Water Management:

    • Planning, permitting, design, and construction management of all phases for all types of wastewater systems
    • Collection systems
    • Lift stations and force mains
    • Deep gravity sewers (open cut and tunneled)
    • Advanced wastewater treatment systems
    • Sludge processing and disposal
    • Taste and odor studies
    • Chlorination/Dechlorination
    • Instrumentation and control
    • Toxicity source evaluations
    • Toxicity reduction evaluations
    • Optimization evaluations
    • Biosolids management reports
    • Preparation of as-built lans
    • Solids management reports
    • Engineering evaluation reports
    • Industrial pre-treatment programs
    • Inflow/Infiltration studies
    • Plant renovations
    • Field surveys
    • Rational capacity analysis

Storm Water Management:

    • Storm system planning and design
    • Natural channel design and restoration
    • Channel design and improvements
    • Erosion and sediment control
    • Detention pond design
    • Outlet and spill way hydraulics
    • Flood plain mitigation plans
    • Outfall permitting

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